Jeffrey Shrewsbury

SAG / AFTRA Since 1993

JEFF & JENNIFER GARNER square off on JJ ABRAM’S award winning show “ALIAS” Episode Title “A Free Agent”

Jeff’s Manager:  Michelle Braverman

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Jeff is currently interviewing new Agents 



Direct Book: Braverman Entertainment Inc.   Michelle Braverman (818) 807-4675

Born and Raised in New York Jeff was always around the entertainment industry.  At the age of 9 Jeff saw his first off Broadway musical, “The Magic show.”  From that night forth the dye was cast.  Jeff went on earning roles and performing in such classics as Oliver, Annie Get Your Gun and Carousel.  Over the years Jeffrey’s acting transformed into performing behind the mic and through Puppets.  Jeffrey, an Olympic level gymnast has performed in 100 plus TV and Movie projects.  Jeffrey’s ability to act and be physical has earned him acting roles on award winning TV shows like Alias and Buffy the vampire slayer. In 2001 Jeff took more control of the LA market and started his own production company, Puppet Greetings Entertainment.  Jeff produced and directed over 800 video pieces for the web, TV and Mobile phones.  He distributed his media worldwide and rubbing elbows with Mark Burnett Productions and taking the advice of HDnet owner Mark Cuban, in Nov of 2009 Jeff Sold Puppet Greetings Entertainment in April of 2010.  Jeffrey is seasoned enough to know how to use his 3 decades of experience and acquired skills.  Now confident enough to say, he is an actor and smart enough to use the seasoned professionals that surround him, Jeffrey is poised and ready to meet the high demand of today’s directors and todays sophisticated audiences.

Jeff’s Credits Include:  


The “Homeland”, “TURN”

“Welcome to the Family” , “Shark Tank” , “The Whispers” “Alias” , “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” , “Hollywood Homicide” , “Starship Troopers” , “Hit The Floor” , “VR Troopers” , “The Jersey”